Friday, January 29, 2010

Pilots For 9/11 Truth Release New Tech Paper Proving Transition From North To South Path Impossible

Most people who view our presentation National Security Alert find it easy to accept the corroborated witnesses who clearly state that the plane crossed from the south to the north side of Columbia Pike, flew directly over the Navy Annex, and/or banked right as it passed north of the former Citgo gas station. It's even easy to accept that this contradicts the official reports and data when shown. What's difficult for some to accept are the undeniable implications that this means the plane could not have caused the physical damage and therefore must have continued on without hitting the light poles, the generator trailer, or the building at all. Even though this is rather obvious when looking at the images, particularly when considering the light poles, cognitive dissonance tends to come into play causing some to simply refuse to believe that the plane had to have flown over the building proving a deception from within.

While we have outlined in detail why the north side approach proves a flyover in the #2 article on our FAQ list, we went to the experts at Pilots for 9/11 Truth to closely analyze this situation and provide a technical document explaining exactly why this is the case. They have now published this comprehensive report complete with calculations, animations, and simplified explanations so everyone can easily understand this. As it stands the document demonstrates how it has been 100% scientifically proven that it is physically impossible for any fixed-wing aircraft to transition from the north side approach as reported by the witnesses to the official south side approach to cause the physical damage to the building. In other words, if you believe the witnesses in National Security Alert, you absolutely have no choice but to believe that the plane did not hit the Pentagon and therefore continued on. A north side approach proves a flyover. There is no other logical explanation.

A web based version of the document with animations is available here:

A high quality printable pdf version(1 mb)is available here: