Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Steve Storti Caught Lying About His Dialog With CIT

Steve Storti is a previously published witness who was in Crystal City over 3/4 of a mile away from the alleged impact point of the Pentagon. You can see his location labeled in the bottom right corner of the below image.

(click to enlarge)

The yellow lines equal the true eyewitness flight path we have documented and the light blue line is the proven false official flight path.

Despite Steve Storti's relatively far location from either flight path, he describes the plane in detail and even claims that he saw people through the windows moving in the back of the plane. He also claims that he took a picture of the "fireball" within the first second or two after the explosion and that he has not shown this image to anyone.

We got a hold of Steven and interviewed him in Oct 2009. He said he would provide us with pictures to verify his point of view from his 4th floor balcony but failed to do so.

We made the decision to wait until we could get our own images from that balcony (Storti no longer lives there) before releasing his interview so we could be sure to validate that he could actually see what he was claiming he saw. A few months later he showed up at our forum (not knowing it was us) and provided his contact information in case we had questions for him.

I instantly called him and that phone call can be downloaded here:

23 minute discussion with Steven Storti - March 29th, 2010

In this call he praises our efforts, calls us "legit", rails against the 9/11 commission, and agrees to help us in our campaign for justice by making a strong effort to provide us with his alleged photographs of his POV and the "fireball" while agreeing to an on camera interview.

He failed to live up to any of these things and simply never replied again.

But he was contacted by Jeff Hill on June 19th, 2010. At this point he did a completely unjustified and unprovoked reversal and chose to maliciously attack us with blatant lies regarding our dialog. Jeff Hill recorded the conversation and published these lies.

Please listen to the above phone call from March 29 and then read the following open letter for full details about this very strange and contradictory interaction with an alleged witness who has been cited for years as someone who allegedly "saw the plane hit the Pentagon".

Open Letter to Steven Storti Re: 9/11 Pentagon Attack Witness Account From Craig Ranke of Citizen Investigation Team