Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Allan Weisbecker's essay "The Deep State, Self-Deception, 9/11, and the Legend of 'FBI Maverick' John O'Neill"

Allan Weisbecker is an accomplished writer who has, for the past five years or so, dedicated quite a bit of his energies to researching 9/11 and working on a filmed memoir, which will introduce people beyond "the choir" to the truth about 9/11 and other elements of the proverbial "Matrix". He was one of the founding writers on the popular television series "Miami Vice" in the '80's, and he subsequently authored three published books (an autobiographical novel and two memoirs). I recently read his latest book, "Can't You Get Along With Anyone?: A Writer's Memoir and a Tale of a Lost Surfer's Paradise", which I highly recommend.

Recently, Weisbecker authored a detailed essay in which he puts a significant amount of focus on explaining and dissecting the Orwelian "doublethink"/denial, as well as outright "cooption", that exists within the "9/11 truth movement". In the course of this wide-ranging study he lauds our work as "ground breaking", and notes that: "911blogger.com is, in my view, an archetype of this cooption. Hence its censorship of CIT’s work on the ‘PentaCon’ is significant: It means that CIT’s expose is very damaging to the deep state agenda."

However, this essay is far from an opinion piece regarding CIT. Allan produces ground breaking investigative research of his own, exposing the "John O'Neill Legend" as a significant fabrication utilized within the propaganda surrounding the 9/11 psychological operation. Weisbecker deconstructs the details of this story and unearths several undeniable reasons to reject the notion that O'Neill was/is a hero or martyr. He shows that the preponderance of evidence points instead to him having been an accomplice to the operation who may have even faked his own alleged death that day.

Weisbecker also demonstrates how specific individuals within the movement are unwilling or unable to look at this evidence objectively and have instead rather hypocritically resorted to outright censorship or denial. Perhaps not so coincidentally, most of the same individuals and entities who reacted this way to Weisbecker's findings about O'Neill have reacted similarly to the findings of CIT.

His report amounts to a heavily detailed and sourced dissertation wherein "self-reflection" is encouraged to overcome these types of demons (denial and ego in particular), and the plight of the "truth movement" to wake up the masses regarding 9/11 is paralleled to his own efforts to expose important information about 9/11 to people within "the movement".

Please set aside some time to read the entire essay as well as take the time to click on his numerous supplemental youtube links which usually consist of a minute or two of supporting audio and video that he has personally compiled. I'm confident that you'll find it as enlightening as I did.

The Deep State, Self-Deception, 9/11, and the Legend of "FBI Maverick" John O'Neill

Make sure not to skip the Foreword.

Allan Weisbecker: