Thursday, February 4, 2010

Erik Larson's Methods vs Ed and Shinki Paik's Accounts - A Rebuttal by CIT

For an audio break-down of the general details in the following rebuttal please listen here:

(also covers witness Dawn Vignola. Skip to 21:17 for part about Paik brothers)

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Recently I posted a debate challenge (Craig Ranke challenges Erik Larson to debate ) to Erik Larson (aka loose nuke & Rancho Truth) because of his hit-piece against us regarding Dawn Vignola's account.

The very next day he released a new article regarding witness Edward Paik who is featured in The PentaCon Smoking Gun Version and National Security Alert.

ed paik, erik larson

Ed's account is absolutely critical because he saw the plane as it definitively diverged from the official flight path while it passed from the south to the north side of Columbia Pike as he illustrated here (he marked his location with a circle):

erik larson, ed paik, pentagon

The official story REQUIRES the plane to be on the south side of Columbia Pike at all times like this:

erik larson, dawn vignola, 911

Erik Larson actually provides a brand new video recorded interview with Ed and his brother Shinki Paik (Jan 2010) that really just confirms that we reported accurately and confirms that Edward saw the plane fly over Shinki's auto shop (A-One Auto) on the NORTH side of Columbia Pike.

But that didn't stop Larson from attacking us personally and accusing us of being deceptive anyway. A rebuttal to his hilarious "attack" piece that really only helps prove the plane did not hit the light poles or the Pentagon is available here:

Erik Larson confirms north side approach!! Ed Paik's path independently confirmed

Thanks Larson! We've always encouraged people who doubt us to interview the witnesses themselves and now you know why! Hopefully you'll go on to independently confirm the other north side approach witnesses as well!

Article also published here:
Erik Larson's Methods vs Ed and Shinki Paik's Accounts - A Rebuttal by CIT


julian said...

The LIE is so big that it seems that people will continue to only believe what their government tells them and will try to prove that the government is right! It is so sad that the intellectual fervor of most of the American citizens is sleeping. PEOPLE, DO YOUR RESEARCH AND SEE THAT THE PHYSICS OF THE PENTAGON AND THE TWIN TOWERS IN THE OFFICIAL STORY DOES NOT COMPUTE. Thanks guys and keep up the great work.

Citizen Investigation Team said...

You bet Julian! Thanks for continuing to pay attention while spreading the word.

Dave Scotese said...

They lie because they have the power to. Uncovering their lies and publishing the truth is good work, but I think it's more important to fight against the trends that increase their power - tax increases and increased regulation of the free market. Ron Paul, as far as I know, doesn't endorse any theories about 9/11, but he is leading the struggle for real freedom.

I view CIT's work as an excellent marketing tool to introduce more people to the idea that government is too big and people don't challenge and fight it enough. If and when you have time, check out

Citizen Investigation Team said...

Yes Dave there's no question that what we have merely uncovered the tip of a massive iceberg. But the implications are so astounding that like you I see it as an incredible opportunity to help people break out of the haze that perpetuates the cycle of deception. Thanks for the link, great site!

Colon said...

Its great to have focus on the things every person can see and be a part of, like Dave says. I'm all for that, if this isn't your bag baby.....then move onto something that does make some difference.

If however EVERYONE realized the scale to which we are all being manipulated I think that people would tear down the bullshit system we have and make mince meat of the group responsible for this. I think once the full scope of what disgusting things have transpired all in the name of money, progress and greed.....I think some heads would roll. I think the world would heed the lesson finally and ensure that it doesn't happen again.

We should be striving to "learn from history".

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