Monday, August 2, 2010

Barrie Zwicker Endorses Citizen Investigation Team, Censored at 911blogger

Open Letter from:
Craig Ranke
Citizen Investigation Team
August 1, 2010

Re: Censorship of a major 9/11 Truth figure at

To everyone concerned with the truth:

Renowned journalist, author, and media critic Barrie Zwicker has joined the growing list of intellectuals, experts, scholars, activists, journalists, pilots, and concerned citizens who have spoken out in favor of Citizen Investigation Team (CIT) and our presentation National Security Alert, some of whom are quoted here.

Barrie has also taken it upon himself to speak out very strongly against those attempting to cast doubt on us and/or our findings.

A video and accompanying text of his endorsement is available on this web page.

It now has been 10 days since Barrie's confirmed effort to submit this to, and his post has not been approved for publication (more on this later). He has told us he still maintains hope that "this de facto censorship, at the premiere 9/11 Truth site, against support for a major team of 9/11 researchers and their original and highly-significant research will eventually be lifted, for the sake of those who visit the site in search of facts and opinions falling squarely within the mandate of".

He added that if 911blogger does not revert to serving the cause of 9/11 Truth, which he believes it started out doing, it will have to join an all-too-long list of disinformation sources to be included in the book he is writing on false flag operators, false flag organizations and false flag operations. He said this troubles him deeply.

For those who aren't aware, CIT has been under assault from the owners of 911blogger for more than two years. For the record:

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NHTruther said...

There is no link for this and I'd like to read it:

"The history of 911blogger and CIT"


Citizen Investigation Team said...

Yes the link to the rest of the open letter including that portion is directly under that. Here it is again:

Bruce Sinclair said...

Way to go guys! Barrie is a straight shooter and his sincere endorsement is strong evidence that you are on the right path to the truth.

Colon said...

Alright. Lets get some momentum here. Way to go Craig and Aldo.

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