Friday, January 27, 2012

What Happened to Russell Pickering's Website

By: Citizen Investigation Team
January 27, 2012

The following article and corresponding video break down the details regarding the formation of CIT in 2006, and our history with Russell Pickering, the former owner of

Russell Pickering was arguably the most well known 9/11 Pentagon event researcher for a few years prior to December 2007 when he dramatically "quit" the truth movement as documented here.

He was the creator and owner of the now defunct website that is cited numerous times in David Ray Griffin's book "Debunking 9/11 Debunking". An archive of his site from February 2007 can be found here (cached backup)

Citizen Investigation Team (CIT) spent a few days with Russell in person during our very first research trip to Arlington, VA in late August 2006 while we were volunteering as research consultants to the 9/11 documentary "Loose Change Final Cut" by Dylan Avery.

Continue reading complete article here: What Happened to Russell Pickering's Website

Watch Video here: Russell Pickering's History with CIT & the 9/11 Truth Movement

Download image here: Russell Pickering image


rawpaint said...

Craig, that's for this video. I've never been a researcher/investigator the way you and Aldo have been and are. Whatever small contribution I've made to 9/11 Truth has been more along philosophical lines. I have the utmost respect for CIT and the work you've done over the years. Personally, however, I now pay very little attention to the 9/11 issue because it is clear to me that what it is all about are actions of the (call it what you will) National Security State and the wealthy international 1% for whom the rest of us are just useless eaters. Given the level of consciousness of the masses, I seriously doubt anything resembling accountability and justice will ever come of 9/11 Truth.

That said, I'm grateful that you and a few others like you guys are out there doing what you do. I hope you will do more of this "historical documentation" of your personal experiences attempting to uncover the truth of 9/11. I may not pay much attention to what is going on in the so called "Truth Movement" any more but I do pay attention to you guys because what you have to say shines a light into a world of shadows. That world isn't going away until people who are, wittingly and unwittingly, consciously and not, AGENTS of the PTB realize what demonic, anti-human forces they are actually serving.

Citizen Investigation Team said...

Thank you so much for your words of support. It means a lot. Unfortunately I fear you are likely correct about our chances for accountability and justice. Nevertheless we refuse to give up and most certainly will continue compiling and publishing data for the historical record. Thanks again!

thejumblies said...
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